Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Centrerion - Canadian Centrist Politics

Yours truly also writes a blog on federal politics over at Centrerion: Canadian Politics. It's quickly gaining in popularity, and climbing the ranks over at TTLB. I had to invite this blog to my other blogspot account because there were problems at one point logging in over here on the regular shplarz account, and this just makes it easy to edit all the blogs from one single account. Decision Canada 2006 has also invited me to be part of their ad-review panel, so I'm writing over there too. Who knows? Soon I may have syndicated content. Heck, go over right now and read today's Quip of the Day. You won't be dissapointed.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Service Industry

Today, I had to spend a half hour, and speak to four people at Bureau en Gros (Quebec's Staples) to be told that a magazine they distribute, Small Office, Home Office, was unavailable, and the person who would know why was gone.
Later, I went to buy some candies. Just before paying, I thought I might check the best before date. They expired August 6th. Yesterday was December 9th. Pathetic.
Tomorrow or this weekend I'm going back with a video camera and seeing if it's still been put back on the shelf (I brought it and handed it to one of the employees), and how others compare.
Also, I don't like this whole tutoiement crap in French, in the service industry. Tutoiement, for those who don't know, is an informal way of addressing close friends and family. To show respect, in French, one uses vousvoiement, which uses the formal vous, to address people. When I walk into a store and am asked "ch'peux t'aider?," I feel like answering, "Oui, cretin, TU peux m'aider en ME Vousvoyant. Est-ce que tu me connais, connard?" The meaning of that translates as: Yes, you cretin, you can help me by showing me some respect and adressing me formally. Do I [f*g] know you, ya schmuck?
Crazy service industry.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Introduction to the Gift of Bag

Hi all,
I'm starting this blog because I'm an opinionated egotist who knows that everyone should listen to me. Did I mention I'm kind of sarcastic and self-deprecating?
On a more serious note, I write for my college's newspaper, and thought I might post my articles online. Also, I intend to begin reviewing music websites in the near future, and will also post those columns online.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


What will your legacy be?

A friend and I were discussing future jobs. I said I'd like to become a lawyer, and he answered, "You too? Man everyone wants to be a lawyer. There's gonna be 5 plumbers and 100 lawyers"... I told him law interested me because I want to leave a legacy and effect change. Which led to the following musing.
...He was a good man. He was always there to fix a pipes, sweep a mess, replace the burnt-out fuses...Without him, we'd be walking around in the dark on broken glass and smelling shit.'
Whoeee! Give it up for the world-changing handyman lol
Not to demean handymen, because, obviously they are necessary to society (imagine a world with everyone walking around unseeing, stepping in their own poo and dropped dishes). I just thought contemplating what their contribution is would be funny.

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